Submitted by: Vanshika Gur

There’s life and then there’s us, humans, who make it beautiful and deadly, all at the same time. This world is so beautiful but the more deep we go, the more either deadly or beautiful, it becomes. We breathe, we love, we die in our thoughts but still we live every day. It’s a journey, through hell and heaven, we fly and then there’s a fire beneath them. Fire, in eyes, in the heart, in the moves, and we are off to life. We love the people we want to, and hate the ones who life makes us hate. We say that we live only once but let me tell you; we live every day, but die only once.
We have to go on every day, no matter what happens, even if you are depressed or suicidal in your thoughts, you have to wake up, no matter how much you will cry in the journey you have to smile and live, that’s the spirit of life. Smile- the only thing that will take you through life.
Always smile, because you are beautiful and worth living. Replace every tear of yours with a bit of your beautiful smile because there’s a reason behind your existence.
No matter how much you write, you will never be able to define this word, Life. But you can always make these words yours and make them love you a little more. Words, actually bleeding words, because that’s what careless words do, they make you bleed a little. And even kill a bit of your soul. They are powerful, even more than your demons, so try to make them yours, don’t let them make you theirs because if you don’t control them, then there’s nothing that can do it.
So try to live your life a bit more that you do because your life is yours, your words are yours, but the time is definitely not yours, it will run, far away from you and never return. Love every bit of yourself and give all your time to this love story because it is the most beautiful of all.

Live well, love often and laugh much.

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