Strong writing skills in English come from practice and determination. No one is born an excellent writer. To be an excellent writer in English, takes a lot of time and practice. Anyone can be good writer if they are determined enough.

Here are some tips to improve your skills:


Use grammar correctly, you may take help from your friend for editing what you write. Nowadays lots of mobile apps are available too for improving grammar. Also you can use online resources like Grammarly or GrammerCheck to help you answer a grammar question when it comes up.


Pick a topic and WRITE! Don’t get stuck on figuring out what to write about. You can write about anything, about what you do, things you see or hear such as news or you can make up a story too. Also maintain your work at one place so that you can see your improvement.


Read newspaper or novels to improve your vocabulary. By reading you can learn new words which can help improve your level of English. Also try to write a summary of what you read on your own.


Find a good library and use it. Reading or writing in library always helps as library gives you a comfortable and peaceful space where you can think and write.


Also don’t write the same thing every day or it will become monotonous. Try writing the same story from different perspectives or different tenses. Be CREATIVE!


Writing is a process; the more you work on your writing the better it will get.


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