Poems from heart to connect every soul

Author: Rishabh Sobti

An Old Man.

A man, old and frail,
Sitting in this room so dark,
Closes his eyes to plunge into the past,
His past, which isn’t so vast.

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The Man.


The sky is shimmering blue;
And the sun is raining gold.
The world in unanimous joy;
The scene is bright and bold.

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Alliterated Admiration.

Alliterated Admiration.

A magical morning it was,
When this dream got a stunning start.
My life became a succinct scenery.
Her candid colors made me a piece of art.

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Three Feet Apart.

Three feet apart.

“Life has only one truth; that’s death.”
Yet another truth, these words tell.
Her world was on a stand still,
As the leaves of autumn fell.

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She lives in the second bungalow around the next right.
Or, maybe, She just resides there.

Because, at the next right;
Living isn’t a piece of cake.
Because, in the society right around the next right,
She is known as the “victim” of rape.

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