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We -The Thieves.


We all are thieves, thieves of love
Where is that peace? That flying white dove?
Stealing that happiness away from self,
Often getting depressed, crying for help.

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Organisms of nature


By : Manya Garg

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v vd
Submitted by: Mahak Saxena

Beauty and elegance is all over me,
No one can ever deny it.
I know how to shine with fortune and fame,
Can do it even better than that of midas aims.
“How are you so pretty?” other stones said,
“Born with it” I flaunt with a high above head.

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Fade You Away


Submitted by : Narendra Sibal

Yes you were flawless, faultless, spotless, stainless

You were virtuous, pure, moral,

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Smile :)

A smile, is the best sight,
So beautiful, soothing, shining bright
Its seems so pretty, so perfect,
Having seeing it, one forgets all tensions, all regret.

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