Madness in my mind
Or my heart still scares
With the fact that you’re gone
Eyes fill with tears
Too afraid to be alone
I walk down this road again
Holding you tight and close
Avoiding to feel the pain again

The ups and downs
The happiness and sorrow
With the love i give
And the care i borrow
My life is complete with your presence
My wandering soul comes to rest
You give meaning to my sentence
But the fact of being alone still haunts me
The fact the you’ll go dawns upon me
I think I’ll go insane
Avoiding to feel the pain again

There will be sun
But the sunshine will be gone
There will be wind
But only with dust and storm
My body will still be there…working and playing
But the soul will be gone…wretched and sinking
I just wanna close my eyes
Just don’t wanna feel that again
Ah! Stopping my emotions to rule my brain
Avoiding to feel the pain again

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