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Submitted by: Mahak Saxena

Beauty and elegance is all over me,
No one can ever deny it.
I know how to shine with fortune and fame,
Can do it even better than that of midas aims.
“How are you so pretty?” other stones said,
“Born with it” I flaunt with a high above head.

I carry myself with grace and sophistication,
But no one knows how hard it was for me.
I come from the depth of the earth,
From the warm and molten rocks I take birth.
They hit me to get the desired shape,
And so I flaunt about the story of my life, I couldn’t escape.

All the tears I’ve cried were worth, for this priceless beauty.
Everyone tells that I’m the lucky one,
But no one understands the suffering behind it.
All the fame gained is due to my strong will.
And like the rainbow isn’t possible without some rain.
All the pain I have gone through, has not gone in vain.

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