Submitted by- Shamik Nandi

Archives of memories, tattered old photographs
Asseveration of infinity seemed pity, as one by one people fell apart.

Warm embraces seemed irrevocable,
Midnight chats were obscured, consigned to oblivion, unforgettable

The faces so accustomed, seemed ghosts in the large hordes
As the friends fell apart, felt an unbearable drone

Faces were forgotten, as two brothers split ways,
People who knew every crevices of your tortured mind, forgot the birthdays.

Tears shed together, valleys full of memories,
As two sisters, wallowed in their misery.

Oh! They were a helping hand, they were the cane when we were blind,
But alas, stardom and pretty things, lured the mind for being a better kind

Oh no, my friends, you’ll never be forgotten,
I stand in the terrace, sky full of stars, a tear full of memories, now flows quite often.

We forget infinities, now we derelict pact.
Friends who would have given up their lives willingly, now seemed just a contact.

Yes we’ll part ways, yes we’ll no longer hold,
But, believe me when I say, each one of you to hell, I will behold.

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