Submitted by: Mahak Sugandh

True love isn’t that hard to find.
But yes, it is to keep up all the time.
Waiting for someone is your patience.
Love is simple game of tolerance.So, here is a love story for one and all,
Of a pretty lady and a man, handsome and tall.
A boy named Romeo falls for a girl,
She was as beautiful as a pearl.
Long brown hair, rosy cheeks & red lips.
Purity was all over her, even in her finger tips.
She wanted to fall in love but everyone told her a ‘No’
Because Romeo was her father’s old foe.
Deeply in love with each other,
They tried to convey the right father & mother.
Sad, their families refused;
They didn’t know what to do, very confused.
Juliet waited for Romeo as he was finding a way,
Cried off her face and began the second day.
They knew they had no choice but to run,
Before the morning and rising of sun.
Juliet’s father searched for a groom for his daughter,
To fill the kingdom with laughter.
No matter how much she cried.
Romeo was ready to fight.

They took help from Frair Lawrence, a holy man;
Made a nice and secretive plan.
Suggested Juliet to drink a potion,
To set their plan on motion.
Juliet would fall asleep for 48 hours,
That would cause her no harm and no scars
It would seem that she is dead,
But no one would no that twas a pretend.
Romeo was out of town, she drank it.
Every one cried, beside her they sit.
They took her to the graveyard.
Juliet successfully fooled even the vanguard.

Frair Lawrence failed to tell Romeo about the plan,
But believed he would find her, because he can.
Romeo got to know that Juliet was dead,
He was scared as it was all in his head.
He ran and reached the graveyard,
And fought with the vanguard.
Juliet’s family saw him and killed Romeo,
But no one knew that the love was still alive and pure.
When Juliet woke up she got to know that Romeo was no more,
She cried and looked at their engagement ring, which she wore.
She took a sword and died,
Their love turned pale and white.

Not on the earth but they’ll meet in the heaven,
Rainbow colors can describe their love, all seven.
They were made for each other,
And so they died together.
So, here is a love story for one and all,
Of a pretty lady and a man, handsome and tall.

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