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Smile :)

A smile, is the best sight,
So beautiful, soothing, shining bright
Its seems so pretty, so perfect,
Having seeing it, one forgets all tensions, all regret.

Just a smile, costs nothing, but gives you loads,
From sad, it changes you to the happy modes.
Believe me, such magical is your smile,
The whole world stands and stares for a while.

Do you know why you always smile for a photo?
Because looking the best is your motto.
Smile is the best ornament one can wear,
It is the best way to show somebody that you care.

So let’s fill this world with our cheerful laughter,
To make these moments cherish able thereafter,
A simple smile of yours can make someone’s day
Your happiness, with a smile you can convey.

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  1. virat kohli

    Very good…

  2. Shubh

    Beautiful poem…. loved it.

  3. shubham nautiyal

    Nice one…….. i love the way u express your feelings and give them the shape of words……
    Keep it up……too good……..
    You were like raw iron before, but now with the hammer of experience of many people you have became invincible……..
    Keep it up

  4. sanjay


  5. Samiddha


  6. Thankyou all for the appreciation! Keep following for more such poems! 🙂

  7. PJ

    Undoubtedly your very best till now ♥

  8. Amulya

    Keep up the good work…☺☺

  9. Thankyou people! Follow for more! 🙂

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