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The Innocent Death


Submitted by Feroz Baig

Death : a horrid imagination
dwells in our hearts,
Juxtaposed against Life
making soul – a target of darts.

Quicker than falling asleep, Captivated by
evil hearts full of sin.
Wanders with a delusive entreaty and actual
Cataclysmic want for Soul, which lies within.

Arrives at the most perfect time
Like a gentleman – it’s punctual.
Too confident. Need not hide,
In a single strike wins the duel.

Exasperates yer mind,
cannot evade it.
Too difficult to impede,
Even for the one with the greatest wit.

Ever ready for the egregious unwanted
‘help’, in departure of the soul.
Leaving the family of Death’s victim
In unending mourn.

Humans who desire for invincibility
And immortality, surrender before Death.
Fools challenge Death
In Life, they have no faith.

Don’t pity the dead,
Pity the Life.
As Death – eternal,
Life ain’t.


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