Look in the mirror
are you the same you used to be?
or the changed one is what you see..
are you happy to see you..?
the way you are, the way you be
is your life a melodious symphony?
Let’s ask ourselves where we were
and where we are heading
Let’s just do some thinking

Does your existence mean something?
Or you feel like nothing..?
Does the world you dream about
is the world you live for?
Does you soul dance to the rhythm
of that of your heart beats..?
Let’s introspect for some time
Let the diamond inside find its shine
Lets’ generate a feeling
Let’s just do some thinking

Your answers is what takes you
to the destination where you want to be
your thinking is what makes you
the person you want to be
Just find some time…
some time to understand yourself
some time to know yourself
Coz its your world
Its your life


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