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I thought words were simple
Words- combination of letters
Never knew they could emerge feelings,
Meaning- that actually matters.

They can make you cry, laugh,
Feel happy about or even die,
Just a few mouth-spoken words
Can make you feel high.

Words of wisdom from a wise
Or a cheater telling endless lies
Just one “word” is enough
To make you strive and reach the skies.

When your beloved says “I love you”
Or the parents say “What are you up to?”
You feel different with every word as,
To your life, every word adds a varied hue.

So remember to be polite,
Because your words one day might,
Hurt a person or make him feel sad,
With every word, a memory you add.

Lets fill these memories with grace
So that later on, their beauty we can embrace.

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Life In Words


Ye andheri raat


  1. Shubh

    Damn!!You did an amazing job again!…True each word spoken by beloved ones carry special meaning.

  2. sanjay


  3. Samiddha

    That’s deep.

  4. Amulya


  5. Lavanya Singh

    Great job once again!!!

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