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The first time

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The first time I saw her
In that hot and humid summer
A calmness in the thunder
I couldn’t look elsewhere

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Memories running on repeat


Watching the waves hit the shore
Hearing the sound of the breeze
The way I feel, I never felt it before
I guess I finally found peace

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Avoiding to feel the pain again


Madness in my mind
Or my heart still scares
With the fact that you’re gone
Eyes fill with tears

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The final flash…


I know you have come to go
but why you have to leave so soon
can’t you make it a little slow
stay till the fall of the moon

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Independent India


State burning in voilence
Bombs breaking the silence
Some are fighting in name of liberty
Some are praying for tranquility
Is this what we wished for?
Is this the independent india we dreamt of?

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