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We -The Thieves.


We all are thieves, thieves of love
Where is that peace? That flying white dove?
Stealing that happiness away from self,
Often getting depressed, crying for help.

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Romeo and Juliet


Submitted by: Mahak Sugandh

True love isn’t that hard to find.
But yes, it is to keep up all the time.
Waiting for someone is your patience.
Love is simple game of tolerance.

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Ye andheri raat

Ye andheri raat
Aur mai hu akela mere yaar
Na jaane kaha h tu
Kahin na mile mjhe tera nishaan

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Life In Words

Submitted by: Vanshika Gur

There’s life and then there’s us, humans, who make it beautiful and deadly, all at the same time. This world is so beautiful but the more deep we go, the more either deadly or beautiful, it becomes. We breathe, we love, we die in our thoughts but still we live every day. It’s a journey, through hell and heaven, we fly and then there’s a fire beneath them.

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Alliterated Admiration.

Alliterated Admiration.

A magical morning it was,
When this dream got a stunning start.
My life became a succinct scenery.
Her candid colors made me a piece of art.

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